Wellness Offerings


Wellness Offerings at Main St. Yoga

We have an abundance of offerings here at Main St. Yoga & Wellness.  In addition to various yoga classes, workshops, monthly offerings and 200 hour Teacher Trainings, we also have one on one Meditation classes, Nutrition & Ayurveda classes, & Wellbeing- Coaching. We also offer massage, skin care, facials, ionic foot baths, herbal supplements, and DoTerra products. .We are happy to help maintain or boost your whole health by addressing any concerns or needs.  Please inquiry with one of our specialists.

Skin Care & Energy/Vibrational Healing

With 35 years of experience Jessica Joy offers:

*Skin Care-Spa facials/Age-Management/Acne Therapy
using an organic skin care line

*Lymphatic Detoxification treatments

*Ionic Detoxification Foot Bath

*Herbal Remedies & Teas

*Zyto Wellness Scan

*Chakra balancing

Meditation, Well-Being Coaching & Nutrition Classes

*Interested in Meditation but don’t know where to start or need more accountability? Need a little calm & clarity in your life? Kellee offers one-on-one meditation classes & workshops to set a foundation to embark on your journey of meditation.

*Looking to kick start your health, open to changes, tired of not feeling good? Kellee offers Nutrition classes and Ayurveda classes. Discover the foundations and benefits of Ayurveda—a 5,000 year old system of healing. Develop personalized routines based on your specific physical, mental, and spiritual makeup while expanding your understanding of the mind/body connection.

*Looking for personal coaching? Uncover limiting beliefs, develop a personalized framework for fulfillment and align with your life’s purpose (dharma) Kellee offers a full spectrum of support and help clients experience deep transformative healing.


Becca’s massages are guided by your body’s wisdom. By tapping into the layers of your fascia, she follows patterns of tension to ultimately unwind and create space within every muscle group. Trained in Swedish massage and continuing to study in myofascial release, craniosacral, reflexology, and viscera manipulation.

Your choice of a 60 or 90 minute massage.