Yoga Teacher Training

200-Hour Aligned Flow Elements

Weekend Immersion Program

Starts August 12 // Ends November 19

With Richelle Morgan, creator and founder of Tulum Yoga School and the Aligned Flow Elements,

and Carissa Drummond, an experienced yoga teacher with over 500 hours of training

The experience of yoga is a beautiful gift that enriches our lives. It gives us the opportunity to learn, grow, and connect to ourselves while also providing us with the ability to be intentional, steady, and gentle even when we are not on our yoga mats. 

Are you ready to grow your practice? Whether you want to lead, teach, serve, or simply learn, a yoga teacher training creates an opening to deeply explore what it means to be in relationship with ourselves and our practice. 

Main St. Yoga is delighted to partner with Tulum Yoga School to bring the one-of-a-kind 200-hour Aligned Flow Elements Yoga Teacher Training to our community. This inclusive, accessible, and transformative teacher training is one that will not only delve into the roots of yoga, but also provide you with the tools and skills to experience and embrace yoga as a personal practice that honors your body, breath, heart, mind, and soul. While it does open the door to the path of being a teacher, it also will give you the confidence to find and listen to the teacher within, which is you! Our teacher training is inclusive and welcomes all seekers

The inclusive and supportive Aligned Flow Elements Yoga Teaching Training program will give you the tools you need to shine and develop your voice as a yoga practitioner and facilitator. This inclusive program welcomes all seekers, and you will have the following opportunities when you train with Aligned Flow Elements:

Philosophy: Yoga as a Living Tradition
Functional Anatomy and Asana
Breathwork and Meditation
Teaching Methodology & Holding Space for Others
Supporting Elements for Teaching
Seva (giving back to the community)