Karl Weiss

I walked into my first yoga studio in 2010 hoping to find a way to lose some weight and get in shape.   But what I found was way more.   I found life changing and life affirming tools that if practised will have a positive impact on mind, body, and spirit.  And as a bonus there was a wonderfully supportive community.   The same kind of supportive community of yogis that is found at Main St Yoga.  Yoga did change my life and is why I wanted to become a teacher.   So I can share those tools and provide the same support that has brought so much to my life.
I have been through a number of teacher training and have attended many yoga immersions over the years.  One of the tenets of yogi is to always be learning, including self study.  So I am always reading, learning, and growing as part of my personal practice.   And I use my classes to share and practice that knowledge with you.  I use a wide range of music from traditional yoga music to rock and roll in my classes.  Classes should be challenging but fun, sweaty but joyful and music enhances all of that. I believe my job as the teacher is to lead you through a practice that brings life to your intention through movement, sweat, and breath.  And to teach you about tools and how to use them in your life off your mat in a way that provides calm amongst the chaos in the craziness that seems to be the world of today.   A way to get above the noise and thrive.
I look forward to practising with you.