Diana Sherer

My classes offer a mix of hatha yoga (no vinyasa or flow) and other exercises to improve flexibility, strength, and balance—all so important for staying active throughout our lives. As we age, we tend to lose strength and our balance gets shaky, so in addition to traditional yoga poses, I offer exercises that anyone can do to build and retain strength in the legs, hips, back, and arms. Of course, we also work on flexibility and sometimes we even walk an imaginary tightrope around the room to improve our balance!

I discovered hatha yoga as a teenager, then really embraced it in my 20’s at university in New Zealand with an Iyengar Yoga instructor. Those 2 years of 5-days per week, 2-hour classes gave me a strong foundation in proper alignment and the ability to modify poses, which have been invaluable in making yoga accessible to everyone over the years. I am also certified in Yin Yoga, Embody Yoga (500 hours) and Pre- and Postnatal Yoga. The spiritual aspect of yoga is also central to my life, and while my classes mainly focus on asana practice, I try to share some of the yoga wisdom I have learned as well.

Regardless of your age or condition (physical or mental), please don’t be afraid to try yoga. Come to one of my classes, talk to me, and I will do my best to give you a positive experience and hopefully help you build greater health for your future.

Yoga has enabled me to stay active throughout my life (I enjoy playing tennis, skiing, mountain biking, and hiking). I am truly grateful for that and hope it can do the same for you.